2021 MLB Draft

August 22, 2021 0 By jasonbaud

The 2021 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft took place on July 11–13, 2021. In conjunction with the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the draft was held in Denver. The draft assigned amateur baseball players to MLB teams. The draft order was set based on the reverse order of the 2020 MLB season standings. In addition, compensation picks were distributed for players who did not sign from the 2020 MLB Draft and for teams who lost qualifying free agents. On March 26, 2020, MLB and the MLBPA reached a deal that included the option to halve the draft to 20 rounds due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MLB ultimately opted to shorten the draft to 20 rounds. In total, 612 college and high school players were drafted in the 2021 MLB Draft.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, who had the worst record of the 2020 season, selected Henry Davis with the first overall pick in the draft. As punishment for their role in the sign stealing scandal, the Houston Astros forfeited both their first- and second-round picks in the draft.

First Round

Pick Player Team Position School
1 Henry Davis Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Louisville
2 Jack Leiter Texas Rangers Pitcher Vanderbilt
3 Jackson Jobe Detroit Tigers Pitcher Heritage Hall School (OK)
4 Marcelo Mayer Boston Red Sox Shortstop Eastlake High School (CA)
5 Colton Cowser Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Sam Houston State
6 Jordan Lawlar Arizona Diamondbacks Shortstop Jesuit Dallas (TX)
7 Frank Mozzicato Kansas City Royals Pitcher East Catholic High School (CT)
8 Benny Montgomery Colorado Rockies Outfielder Red Land High School (PA)
9 Sam Bachman Los Angeles Angels Pitcher Miami (OH)
10 Kumar Rocker* New York Mets Pitcher Vanderbilt
11 Brady House Washington Nationals Shortstop Winder-Barrow High School (GA)
12 Harry Ford Seattle Mariners Catcher North Cobb High School (GA)
13 Andrew Painter Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Calvary Christian Academy (FL)
14 Will Bednar San Francisco Giants Pitcher Mississippi State
15 Sal Frelick Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Boston College
16 Kahlil Watson Miami Marlins Shortstop Wake Forest High School (NC)
17 Matt McLain Cincinnati Reds Shortstop UCLA
18 Michael McGreevy St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher UC Santa Barbara
19 Gunnar Hoglund Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Ole Miss
20 Trey Sweeney New York Yankees Shortstop Eastern Illinois
21 Jordan Wicks Chicago Cubs Pitcher Kansas State
22 Colson Montgomery Chicago White Sox Shortstop Southridge High School (IN)
23 Gavin Williams Cleveland Indians Pitcher East Carolina
24 Ryan Cusick Atlanta Braves Pitcher Wake Forest
25 Max Muncy Oakland Athletics Shortstop Thousand Oaks High School (CA)
26 Chase Petty Minnesota Twins Pitcher Mainland Regional High School (NJ)
27 Jackson Merrill San Diego Padres Shortstop Severna Park High School (MD)
28 Carson Williams Tampa Bay Rays Shortstop Torrey Pines High School (CA)
29 Maddux Bruns Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher UMS-Wright Preparatory School (AL)
Compensatory round
Pick Player Team Position School
30 Jay Allen Cincinnati Reds[Compensation 1] Outfielder John Carroll Catholic High School (FL)
Competitive Balance Round A
Pick Player Team Position School
31 Joe Mack Miami Marlins Catcher Williamsville East High School (NY)
32 Ty Madden Detroit Tigers Pitcher Texas
33 Tyler Black Milwaukee Brewers Second baseman Wright State
34 Cooper Kinney Tampa Bay Rays Second baseman Baylor School (TN)
35 Matheu Nelson Cincinnati Reds Catcher Florida State
36 Noah Miller Minnesota Twins Shortstop Ozaukee High School (WI)

Second round
Pick Player Team Position School
37 Anthony Solometo Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Bishop Eustace Preparatory School (NJ)
38 Aaron Zavala Texas Rangers Outfielder Oregon
39 Izaac Pacheco Detroit Tigers Third baseman Friendswood High School (TX)
40 Jud Fabian* Boston Red Sox Outfielder Florida
41 Connor Norby Baltimore Orioles Second baseman East Carolina
42 Ryan Bliss Arizona Diamondbacks Shortstop Auburn
43 Ben Kudrna Kansas City Royals Pitcher Blue Valley Southwest High School (KS)
44 Jaden Hill Colorado Rockies Pitcher LSU
45 Ky Bush Los Angeles Angels Pitcher Saint Mary’s
46 Calvin Ziegler New York Mets Pitcher TNXL Academy (FL)
47 Daylen Lile Washington Nationals Outfielder Trinity High School (KY)
48 Edwin Arroyo Seattle Mariners Shortstop Arecibo Baseball Academy (PR)
49 Ethan Wilson Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder South Alabama
50 Matt Mikulski San Francisco Giants Pitcher Fordham
51 Russell Smith Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher TCU
52 Cody Morissette Miami Marlins Shortstop Boston College
53 Andrew Abbott Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Virginia
54 Joshua Baez St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder Dexter Southfield School (MA)
55 Brendan Beck New York Yankees Pitcher Stanford
56 James Triantos Chicago Cubs Third baseman James Madison High School (VA)
57 Wes Kath Chicago White Sox Third baseman Desert Mountain High School (AZ)
58 Doug Nikhazy Cleveland Indians Pitcher Ole Miss
59 Spencer Schwellenbach Atlanta Braves Pitcher Nebraska
60 Zack Gelof Oakland Athletics Third baseman Virginia
61 Steven Hajjar Minnesota Twins Pitcher Michigan
62 James Wood San Diego Padres Outfielder IMG Academy (FL)
63 Kyle Manzardo Tampa Bay Rays First baseman Washington State
Competitive Balance Round B
Pick Player Team Position School
64 Lonnie White Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder Malvern Preparatory School (PA)
65 Reed Trimble Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Southern Miss
66 Peyton Wilson Kansas City Royals Second baseman Alabama
67 Adrian Del Castillo Arizona Diamondbacks Catcher Miami (FL)
68 Joe Rock Colorado Rockies Pitcher Ohio
69 Tommy Mace Cleveland Indians Pitcher Florida
70 Ryan Holgate St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder Arizona
71 Robert Gasser San Diego Padres Pitcher Houston

Other notable selections
Round Pick Player Team Position School
3 72 Bubba Chandler Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher North Oconee High School (GA)
3 86 Alex Binelas Milwaukee Brewers Third baseman Louisville
3 77 Jacob Steinmetz Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher ELEV8 Baseball Academy (FL)
3 99 Kevin Kopps San Diego Padres Pitcher Arkansas
4 117 Alex Ulloa* Houston Astros Shortstop Calvary Christian Academy (FL)
4 118 Tanner Allen Miami Marlins Outfielder Mississippi State
4 123 Christian Franklin Chicago Cubs Outfielder Arkansas
4 126 Cal Conley Atlanta Braves Shortstop Texas Tech
4 132 Chayce McDermott Houston Astros[Compensation 2] Pitcher Ball State
6 183 Richard Fitts New York Yankees Pitcher Auburn
8 230 Robby Martin Colorado Rockies Outfielder Florida State