Amari Bailey Future NBA Superstar

April 23, 2021 0 By jasonbaud

Amari Bailey scouting report

I watched Amari Bailey grow into the player he is today. He is everything you want in a future NBA superstar. He’s currently projected to go 6th in the 2023 NBA draft which is a testament to how strong this draft is projected to be.

Despite this if you asked us Bailey is a clear top five pick in 2023 and you can make an argument for top three. Amari possess the freak athleticism and basketball  IQ  combination scouts dream of he reminds me of Lebron James that’s how special I think he can be.

Bailey is a three level scorer, strong defender and has the physical tools to dominate at the next level. The way he explodes off of either leg dunking or stops on a dime and pulls up for a jump shot is truly a wonder to witness. 
If I was drafting 1st overall Amari Bailey would be the pick. Only time will tell if anyone else agrees.