Cameron Boozer Scouting Profile

April 23, 2021 0 By jasonbaud

Cameron Boozer Scouting Report

It’s been a challenge finding tape on Cameron Boozer or his brother Cayden. There is less of them online than one would expect. Both son’s of Carlos Boozer are 8th grade prospects currently. Cameron and Cayden both possess a strong basketball IQ and are excellent rebounders.
Cameron is the better prospect a he is a quick minded defender who plays the passing lanes well. Possesses a soft touch on his mid-range jump shot and has the tools to grow into a star. Cayden is less polished but still holds NBA rotational talent potentially or could possibly be a starter depending on his growth curve. They will both be draft eligible 2025 at the earliest.

 If they both give themselves time to grow it will improve their chances of maybe getting a look late in the 1st round. Cameron could still grow into a potential lottery pick the talent is there. The tools are there but where will their growth take them? Only the future will tell us.
Watch for Cameron Boozer to possibly be a lottery selection in the 2025 NBA draft.
We will follow both in high school and update this page with new scouting insights.