Lebron James Scouting Profile

April 23, 2021 0 By jasonbaud

What would Lebron James scouting report or scouting profile look like today if he was a prospect. We give it a shot here.

Lebron James Scouting Report

His vision and passing skills are what sets him apart. A player with his combination of size, and point guard skills is very rare. The only player to have this in the past was Magic Johnson. On top of all this, he’s a physical specimen. The sky is truly the limit. He has developed his body to make it a great strength, he is a legit 240 pounds and has very little body fat. Has an “NBA body” at 18. He has all the gifts to play PG, but he will likely have to start at the 3 and 4 as positions before he can really run a team from the point guard position.

His body type is closer to a forward and his jump shot still needs work. When you have a player with his type of passing skills, you want the offense to run through him every time down the floor, making point guard a possible fit. The game just comes so easily to him, he’s the epitome of a hoops prodigy.  Prototypical point forward Lebron has an excellent basketball IQ.
Weaknesses:  Needs to develop a more consistent jump shot, Will he maintain his intensity and is he hungry to be great? Lebron James is he can become a more consistent shooter stay hungry and give a consistent effort on defense has a clear superstar level ceiling.