Scotty Pippen Jr Future NBA Star

April 19, 2021 0 By jasonbaud

If Scottie Pippen’s son were a wing like his dad the hype would likely be stronger. What many are missing is the talent is still undeniable. A 6’3” point guard the younger Pippen has the elite handle and scoring confidence you crave in a lead guard. His explosive first step and passing vision accompany a nose for the basketball on defense. Scottie Pippen Jr reads passing lanes like he was told the play.
His smallish stature and lack of an elite three-point shot will likely cause him to be drafted later than his talent level. We have him 4th on our draft board for the 2022 NBA draft and 7th for the 2023 NBA draft. Despite our high ranking and believe he has NBA superstar level potential the more likely outcome for Scotty Pippen Jr is as a mid to late 1st round pick in the 2022 or 2023 NBA draft. Jerry Stackhouse has publicly said is Pippen Jr were two inches taller he would likely have been a lottery pick.

As a freshman at Vanderbilt the younger Pippen has already continued to flash the potential that Mr Stackhouse saw in him. With Pippen Jr continuing to show growth the sky is the limit. Even though we are likely the only outlet to grade him as a future star we are confident in our evaluation. Previous examples of our prospect analysis include ranking RJ Barrett No 1 overall in 2019, we had James Wiseman as our No 1 prospect in 2020.
As Boyz II Men say we come to the end of the road but it seems pretty clear to me that Scottie Pippen Jr possess the raw talent to be special at the NBA level. Will he unlock it? Only time will tell.